Thursday, October 18, 2007

BTT: Typography (October 18, 2007)

This week's question

You may or may not have seen my post at Punctuality Rules Tuesday, about a book I recently bought that had the actual TITLE misspelled on the spine of the book. A glaring typographical error that really (really!) should have been caught. So, using that as a springboard, today’s question: What’s the worst typographical error you’ve ever found in (or on) a book?

Honestly, I can't remember (I'm very forgiving and will just shrug it off) but what I am going to do from this day forward is to highlight and list down all the typos I found in the books I read. I will then post them in my blog and watch the list grow. I doubt there's going to be many.

Happy BTT, everyone!

Book Quote:

"Readers are plentiful, thinkers are rare."

— Harriet Martineau