Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Award and such...

Thank you Jen for the Thoughtful Blogger Award! You're indeed a thoughtful and sweet friend. God bless you, dear one!

I've received this award sometime in August this year by Kristy. It's really a blessing to receive this twice. So again, THANK YOU Jen!


Home Internet connection 'died' yesterday (Tue)
Aha. That explains why I wasn't doing any blogging yesterday night. That also explains why I went to bed earlier than usual. Good for the body, good for the soul. I have some serious blog catching up to do and I appreciate your patience and understanding, dear bloggie friends. *WINK*

What the...
I felt crappy last night too, after receiving an SMS from a former colleague. This is the first time I am being labelled 'irresponsible'. I admitted to being a little shaken after receiving it but took a deep breath, went shower and washed away the discomfort. My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. It was beating so loud, I heard loud thump, thump, thump! How would you feel when you receive this:

This is irresponsible. It doesnt just take 10mins. There will be plenty cleaning up after that. Not that i've not done it before!

BACKGROUND: There was a missing database file (my former boss' contacts) I thought I kept a copy at home, but it turned out that I don't have such a file. Nothing in the former office backup disk either. So I responded accordingly after searching for it in my home pc and send a text message to both my former boss and my colleague. I also suggested an alternative way of creating the database afresh. Minutes later, I received the reply above. I was flabbergasted. All I was just saying is that, you can have another way of getting back the database. I've done this method of backup-ing contacts at work, especially in my new office. Many times. Anyway... time to move on.