Monday, September 24, 2007

Sydney-ture #8

Mon, Sep 24: On the eve of my birthday (ahem! LOL), we were once again at Darling Harbour.

We had wanted to visit the Sydney Wildlife World but before that, we went to the Sydney Fish Market.

The place was packed with people!
This is where we bought our lunch -- Fish Market Cafe

Our delicious lunch

Fishy business: The Baramundis (Large and Baby)
Everything looks absolutely FRESH!Resident bird. Isn't he gorgeous?
Folks dining outside


After a satisfying meal at the Fish Market, we walked back to Darling Harbour. Once again, we detoured; this time to window shop at Harbour Fresh. I bought some t-shirts for hubby and myself. I also bought a koala bear for a friend who happens to be nicknamed koala-zai. So there. Mom bought some stuff too and Vivian as usual, being the really generous one, treated us to coffee after shopping. Lovely, lovely.

Time for some wildlife action. The Sydney Wildlife World was just around the corner. Energised after the coffee boost, we were raring to go check out God's beautiful creation. Vivian has already pre-paid for the tix so we don't have to queue to buy ours. Aren't these creatures beautiful?

Hedge Grasshoppers mating

Baby Perenties

Eastern Bearded Dragons

Perentie -- Australia's Largest Lizard

Wallabies feeding

The napping koala. Isn't he adorable?...

Oh my, what sharp claws you have...

So cute and fuzzy

"Let's get some exercise, mate!"

All cuddled up.

"Now's my lunch too... mmmm...yummmm..."
*chew, chew*

All the koala pics are dedicated to koala-zai. You know who you are. *GRIN*

I hope you have enjoyed the little animal documentary. There are too many photos and I am showing you just a handful of the shots taken. Hehe... Enjoy!

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