Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sydney-ture #7

Sat, Sep 22: Time to take a rest and take it easy. I have enjoyed the last few days from the day of arrival right up to today. Every minute in Sydney and Hunter Valley is simply lovely. I am enjoying the cool and breezy weather. I wear a sweater all the time and hardly break a sweat despite all the activities. I'm soaking in the beauty. Everything: trees, flowers, clouds, blue blue sky, people, cool air.

Books are affordable here. Can you believe that I bought 22 books over the last few days, including today? If you have been following my travelogue, you'll know the titles I bought. The books ranged from AUD$4 to AUD$9.95. I am now reading one of the 4 titles I bought at Hunter Valley -- Singing Bird by Roisin McAuley. Here's the blurb:

The phone call comes out of the blue. It is the nun who, twenty-seven years earlier, set up the adoption of Lena Molloy's baby girl in Ireland. Just tying up the loose ends, she says, nothing to worry about.

But Lena is worried--and intrigued-- and decides to go on a secret mission to the west of Ireland, with her best friend, to trace the birth parents off her daughter, now making her international debut as an opera singer. At first, the trail seems to have gone cold, but at last, a chance meeting sets Lena on a journey to an outcome which in her wildest dreams she could not have foreseen.

Us girls went shopping again at Macquarie Centre. Believe you me, I bought another 3 books today (which becomes part of the 22 books I mentioned earlier). It's not funny anymore. I think I'm addicted...

I finished the book wrapping business today -- continued on from where I stopped yesterday evening. I took another loving look at the books I bought and stashed them away neatly. I pray I will not be buying anymore. Seriously.

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