Friday, September 21, 2007

Sydney-ture #6

Fri, Sep 21: Time to leave Hunter Valley and back to Sydney! It's a beautiful place and I'm going to miss it. Pokolbin is the type of place I'd love to stay and grow old. It's country and it's peaceful... Bye bye Hunter Valley!


For the rest of the afternoon, we spent chilling out at my sister's apartment. But before that, we went shopping at Big W in Macquarie Centre just around the corner, very near my her place. We bought our lunches to-go and I bought 2 rolls of self-adhesive coverings for my newly acquired books.

My sister slept while my mom watched TV. I managed to wrap a few books. It was awkward in the beginning because I have never used this type of wrapper before. It took me a while to get use to it. There were air bubbles in the first few books that I wrapped, but I got better as I 'progressed'. I can't believe the number of books I bought from a few places! Gosh... I now have MORE than a DOZEN new books. It's getting scary. Must. Control. My. Self.

By 4.45 PM, we were all ready to leave for Manly. My sister's colleagues organised a farewell party for their boss and we're dining at Bavarien Bier Cafe. Manly's BEAUTIFUL and the cafe's GREAT! Her colleagues and their spouses were FANTASTIC! The beer came in super sizes!! It was really nice meeting them.

The following photos were taken using my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson K800i).

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