Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sydney-ture #11

Thu, 27 Sep: We were at Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains today. Out of the three rides available: Skyway, Railway, or Cableway, we chose Cableway. We were early and therefore, the only passengers on board.

The operating cable
The steepest aerial cable car in Australia "takes you on a 545 metre ride into (or out of) the World Heritage Listed rainforest of the Jamison valley. Once at the bottom experience the 300m Scenic Walkway on your way to the base of the Scenic Railway. The Scenic Cableway can carry up to 84 passengers and is Completely wheelchair accessible." - Source
Enjoy the beautiful view from inside the cable car
Upon disembarking, we opted for the 300-metre boardwalk and enjoyed Mother Nature
We stopped by Katoomba Coal Mine. Educational.
I stood there in awe and took in the fresh mountain air
Since we bought return tickets (adult fare: AUD$19), we took the train back UP to our 'base'.
About 3 minutes after the steepest train ride in the world, we disembarked. There were lots of other tourists waiting to take the ride DOWN to where we came from.
After the unique cable and rail experience, we headed for the Katoomba town centre. There were lots of people -- some with babies, some with their pooches. Since we haven't had breakfast, we settled for one of the many cafes there and waited for a good 30 minutes for our food to arrive. Photos from this point onward were taken using my mobile phone (K800i).
There were a few churches along the street
I bought two books from here, Angus and Robertson
(Julia, you won the bet! LOL)
We also stopped by a used book store which sell lots of old books. The elderly man taking care of the shop was a little hard on hearing so we had to talk loud...
We walked some more. The weather was WONDERFUL!!
And bumped into another bookstore, Elizabeth Book Shop. There were lots of classics and I especially like the Pride and Prejudice related books (from Mr Darcy's POV), but I didn't buy any.
Satisfied after much shopping and window-shopping, we left Katoomba feeling happy and satisfied. I read all the way home and napped a little too. Do you like my koala bookmark? I bought it at the Wildlife World.

We saw IKEA and detoured into the Rhodes Shopping Centre on our way back to Sydney. We had lunch and then shopped at IKEA for a little while. I almost bought some more books BUT thanks to my self-control, I did not. HURRAH!

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