Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sydney-ture #1

Sun, Sep 16: I woke up to a beautiful morning in Sydney after 8 hours of flight. Our fellow passenger, seated with my mom and I, was an elderly Australian lady from Canberra. She's really sweet and we chatted throughout the night until the aircraft lights were shut off so that all passengers can go to sleep. We parted ways upon touchdown as she will be heading off for yet another flight to Canberra where she lives. She gave me her home numbers and welcomes me to visit her. Sweet!

After spending about 45 minutes gathering our luggages and for custom clearance, we were all set to go. My sister collected us at the exit. The Sydney sky is so blue and beautiful! The air, oh sweet life, is fresh and breezy. And yes, chilly too. We immediately went to The Rocks, around Circular Quay, and The Rocks Market. But first, it's breakfast at Rossini.

Breakfast at Rossini

Some of the beautiful flowers found there

After the breakfast, we went for a walk at The Rocks Market. It was packed with people! The highlight there was that mom and I had our caricatures drawn by two artists from Beijing. Interesting results...

The caricatures of my mom and Yours Truly

The guy who drew me. He and his partner are from Beijing.

We had choc-coated strawberries and they were yummy! The lady who sold them asked if we were from Malaysia and she said that she's a Malaysian too. What a coincidence!

The chocs. They tasted as good as they look

I liked listening to this guy, Dave Calandra sing and play his guitar while we were at the Park. He had a voice that makes me feel comfortable. Listeners can either drop money into his bag, or buy his CDs to support his music. I like his music and I bought one (AUD$20).

Mom and sis goofed around and I managed to take a shot of this. Well actually, I 'choreographed' it. Since we were going to visit the ladies anyway, we might as well do something, er... 'ladylike'. Like this:

And if you need information at any point during your visit, you can always check with... Mr Seagull (just kidding!). There were lots of them 'patrolling' most of the touristy places. They're beautiful birds!

There are also more photos at Webshots (These are just a few of the photos. Will update more when I return). Please stay tune for more updates from Sydney! Signing off, Alice.

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