Sunday, September 30, 2007

I lost my mobile phone

I lost my mobile phone at the Sydney Airport during security scanning. I placed my phone in a small tray provided and it went through the x-ray scanner together with my other bags and laptop. I think someone else have collected it at the other end and took off with it. I'm so SAD!! I have lots of happy memories with that phone. It has taken many beautiful pictures for me. All my contacts. All my old messages... SIGH...

I filed a lost property request. The officers helped me to call my lost mobile using theirs. No luck. Because of that, I was the last one to board the plane at 2.20 PM -- the time the plane is scheduled for take-off! I ran to my gate. I heard the airline personnel shouting my name "Miss Teh! Miss Teh! Flight MH122". Shortly after I sat down, the plane begin to move. I was the last one to board. What a saga.

At my seat, devastated. Shed a bit of tears in the beginning. Tried to calm down. Took a deep breath. Closed my eyes. I can't believe I just lost my mobile phone -- in just that few seconds.

Bye bye my limited edition Sony Ericsson K800i.