Saturday, September 08, 2007

Guys and Dogs

Elaine Fox wrote a cute yet intense romance involving a girl and a guy, and indirectly, a puppy. It's almost like a fairy tale, too good to be true. And one would indeed be very lucky if it is.

In Guys and Dogs, Megan Rose is a veterinarian who has recently taken over her father's practice at the animal hospital. Divorced, she moves from another city, reconciles with her father and hopes to start life anew after her mother's death.

One morning, a golden retriever puppy strayed into her house and into her room. The tag on the puppy says that her home is the mansion owned by Sutter Foley, a software mogul (think Bill Gates), hunky and yes, eligible. But the problem is, he does not even like dogs. Megan pays him a visit at his mansion to return Baywatch (the pup), but he denies owning the pooch. Somehow, Megan manages to convince that he needs the pup and since he likes what he sees in Megan, he decides to keep it.

Feelings develop between The Vault (Sutter) and Megan. They do not expect things to turn out the way it did. Sutter and Megan are from two different worlds -- he lives in the spotlight, while hers is carefree.

Secondary characters like Georgia and Penelope, people Megan meet while walking her dog in the park, are important as supportive girl friends. Then there is Kristen who insists on being addressed by her last name as Montgomery. She is Sutter's colleague and lives to work and work alone. She is concerned about his involvement with Megan and tries 'protecting' him, fearing that she is a gold digger. I like Megan's dad too despite his not-so-good reputation with the ladies. There are also others like Briana Ellis, Sutter's supposed girlfriend; Edna, Sutter's elderly aunt whom he loves; Tanner Pierce, the loathsome paparazzo from National Tatler -- all giving some life to the story.

All in all, I enjoyed reading Guys and Dogs. It is predictable but still, a fun and exciting read. I would definitely check out Elaine Fox's other works.

"A fresh and vibrant voice." NORA ROBERTS