Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Park Series: KLCC Park

I remembered going for a 45-minute brisk walk and photo shooting in the morning, just before I step into the office. A beautiful day. If you see a girl with a backpack, wearing office clothes, and pointing her camera left-right-and-centre, that's ME! (Camera: Canon S3 IS)

Reflection of the skies and building
The view from my office some 30 floors aboveIt's nice to jog here, that's for sure. I've done that a few times too with my former colleagues.The wet park bench
"Don't you run away, Mister! You're not going anywhere!.."
"Come play with me!"
(Well, I tried... but I was too BIG and too heavy...)
Do rest when you're tired
Still at the park
I walked 1000M, mind you... (I really did!)The magnificent PETRONAS Twin Towers
(My office used to be on Level 63 -- the view was FANTASTIC!)

Have a good week ahead!