Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Moon

I picked up New Moon (NM) by Stephenie Meyer after I fell head over heels with Twilight (TW). For some reasons, it doesn't quite work out for me. Something's missing. I find the plot a bit of a drag though there are some pretty interesting and suspenseful moments, mainly towards the end of the story.

New Moon picks up the pieces from Twilight after Isabella Swan (known as Bella) landed in the hospital following a saga with some bad vampires. Thanks to Edward Cullen and his family, she is safe though badly injured.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the romantic sparks between Edward and Bella in the first book. In NM, things turn sour in the sense that he left her because he wants her to live a normal human life. Bella, of course, is devastated. There is a slight mention of Jacob Black in TW, and he gets lots of air-time in NM. In the absence of Edward, Jacob 'heals' Bella's wounded heart. Bella thinks of him as her best friend, but Jacob has romantic feelings for her. With his company, she becomes herself again though she still misses Edward a lot. She notices that whenever she attempts or does something reckless, she hears Edward's beautiful voice. This has given her the 'green light' to do more of that just because it gives her the satisfaction, even though it is a delusion. For example: The cliff diving incident that almost took her life, and Alice (Edward's gorgeous vampire sister) has mistaken it as a suicide attempt. Really, the plot only becomes better from then on, i.e. from Chapter 17 onwards.

This book lacks the magic that Twilight has. I do feel for Jacob though. It is as if, he's a 'spare tyre' only to be set aside when not needed. I am sure Bella does not have that intention, but her actions toward him suggests that. Can't entirely blame her though because her feelings for Edward runs deep. His sudden departure has definitely shaken her to the core.

There is a promise from the Cullens to change Bella into their kind upon her graduation, but whether that will take place or not, that's for us to find out. Despite my slight dislike for NM, I am still quite keen to get Eclipse to find out what will happen to Edward, Jacob and Bella, and their relationship. By the way, the vampire serial killer is still on the loose.

I'm looking forward to getting my copy of Eclipse from Kinokuniya next weekend as I've placed an advanced order. Has anyone read Eclipse? If yes, what do you think of it? I would like to hear honest opinions... Thanks!

To Melody: I have enjoyed reading New Moon with you! I definitely hope we can do more joint-readings in the future.