Thursday, August 09, 2007

BTT: Multiples (August 9, 2007)

This week's question

Do you have multiple copies of any of your books? If so, why? Absent-mindedness? You love them that much? First Editions for the shelf, but paperbacks to read? If not, why not? Not enough space? Not enough money? Too sensible to do something so foolish?

No, I don't have multiple copies of any of my books.

In fact, a lot of friends were amazed that I buy new books, especially novels because many of them don't see the rationale of doing so. They either borrow from the library (rarely, because the libraries here are not well-stocked), or rent/buy from used book shops. To my friends, I am 'foolish' to a certain extent. To me, books are for keeps, so buying new is usually the way to go for me. But then I digress. Getting back to having multiple copies of the same books -- I don't because of limitation in finance and space.

This is going to be interesting to see if any of the participants actually buy more copies of the same title.

Happy BTT, everyone!

Book Quote:

"A wonderful thing about a book, in contrast to a computer screen, is that you can take it to bed with you."

— Daniel J. Boorstein