Sunday, July 22, 2007

Your Home Library

I was checking out Erin's blog at The Paperback Stash (she has tonnes of book reviews there!) and found a young, interesting site called Your Home Library. If you are interested in submitting a picture of your own home library, consider sending it together with a brief introduction to the site.

It started off as me, wondering about your home libraries. I have always been interested in libraries, big and small. Since most of my readers have a passion for books, I am wondering what your library looks like. It does not have to be a proper library, like you see in fancy houses. It could be just a space in a room that is dedicated to your book collection. No matter how big or small: I would love to see it!

I'd like to submit mine too, but before that, need to do some housekeeping. If you have decided to post yours, please let me know and I will keep a lookout for it at the site. Happy reading!