Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Valley of Silence

Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts is the last book of The Circle Trilogy. The other two titles in the series are Morrigan's Cross and Dance of the Gods.

The Circle Trilogy tells the story of the six, chosen by the goddess Morrigan to form a circle to battle against Lilith, a beautiful centuries-old vampire queen and her demons. In Morrigan's Cross (Book 1), magical love develops between Hoyt, the sorcerer and Glenna, the modern-day witch. Cian, Hoyt's twin brother has been turned into a vampire and he is almost a thousand years old when Hoyt found him to form the circle. In Dance of the Gods (Book 2), romance is in the air between Larkin, the shape-shifter and Blair, the warrior. When the circle completes their training and preparation in Ireland, they travel back to Geall through a time portal.

In the third and last book of the trilogy, the six are now in Geall. Moira is to be crowned the next queen after the death of her mother. Her mother was brutally murdered by the vampires who had mistaken her for Moira. Lilith has every reason to get her out of the way because she knows that Moira will lead her people into battle and perhaps, victory. The people of Geall are gathered and trained for the THE day. In the Valley of Silence, a bloody battle breaks out between good and evil.

Will evil succeed or will good prevail? Is it possible for Cian, a vampire and Moira, a mortal to be together, just like Hoyt with Glenna, and Larkin with Blair?

Each book gives me the desire to go on and on. I love how the feelings develop between friends in the circle, how they overcome their differences and work towards a common good. Reading the third book is like watching a fierce and courageous battle in a movie. Maybe someone should turn the trilogy into a blockbuster.

And oh, I must say this. In the beginning of each book--the prologue--there is an old man who tells the story to a group of eager children. And so it ends the same way for each one. Watch out for a surprise element in the last book of the series. I just love how Nora Robert does her magic. I wept a little, but that's just me. I'm a sentimental soul and emotions touch me easily...