Monday, July 16, 2007

Dance of the Gods

Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts is the second book of The Circle Trilogy. The other two titles in the series are Morrigan's Cross and Valley of Silence.

In the first book, the story begins with a sorcerer, Hoyt Mac Cionaoith being charged by Morrigan, the goddess of battle to travel to other worlds, to other times, and gather an army to fight against Lilith, a centuries-old vampire queen and her demons. He must also gather five others to form the circle of six to fight alongside him: "the witch, the warrior, the scholar, the one of many forms, and the one you've lost." Cian, Hoyt's twin brother is the "one you've lost" -- he was turned by Lilith into a fellow bloodsucker.

The first book talks of the romance between Hoyt the sorcerer and Glenna the modern-day witch, and how their love strengthens the magic that they create together. In Dance of the Gods, love blossoms between Larkin Riddock, the shape-shifter and Blair Murphy, the warrior. Blair is a demon hunter, well trained by her father who abandoned her when she turned eighteen. Her father could not accept the fact that it was her and not her brother whom he had placed hope to be a demon hunter. However, seeing what she can do at the age of four, he trained her and Blair did not let his father down. It is hard for Blair to love in the beginning out of fear and determination of not getting involved with anyone after her fiance walked out on her upon finding out the truth about her profession. In this story, she is brutally attacked--a few times--by Lilith's followers. Lora, the 'french pastry' as she nicknames her, seems to be fond of her and tries seducing her.

The game has been upped a little bit by Lilith as she now uses a wizard called Midir on her side. With him, the day can become dark and cloudy. When this happens, Lilith's little army can venture out during the day and ambush. With him, Lora has been able to enter through the dreams of Blair and taunt her. He even manages a mirror that would show Lilith's gorgeous reflection. How cool is that? Lilith is of course, very pleased with him even though initially his past performances were below her expectation.

When the circle is ready after their training and preparation, Morgan appears again and tells them to gather at the Dance of the Gods to return to Geall where the battle is to take place. Geall is where Moira, the scholar and her cousin, Larkin came from. Moira is to be crowned the queen and she will lead her people into battle. More about that in Book 3!

I love reading how Larkin cares for Blair and seeing their feelings develop for each other. The story just gets better and better! I also have a hunch that Moira and the gorgeous vampire Cian will create some romantic sparks in Book 3. I will soon find out -- now on to Valley of Silence...