Thursday, June 07, 2007

Open House

Open House is a pleasurable read, and this is the first time I am reading Elizabeth Berg. Samantha Morrow’s character is so real, you will feel for her, especially if you’re a woman.

Samantha (or, Sam) has just been dumped by her husband, David on grounds that she is becoming too familiar, simple and appears to be contented with her life as is. I guess that is how familiarity breeds contempt (but I beg to differ). She was left with her 11-year old son, Travis while David moves out to his own condo, and she doesn’t have a job (the last job she had was as a band singer). To keep the house and pay the bills, she accepts any job she could get from the job agency. To further make ends meet, she also opens her house to a series of lodgers. Then, she met King and things begin to brighten up…

Sam epitomizes all the emotions a woman who goes through in a divorce: fear, anger, sorrow, disappointment, uncertainty. I like Berg’s writing style. Open House is a 241-page worth of easy reading. I started reading on Monday and I couldn’t wait for my breakfast, lunch break, and commute from work because I just have to know what will happen next. I’m glad I bought this at the warehouse sale and then realized it was also featured in Oprah’s Book Club.