Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dark Seduction (Masters of Time, Book 1)

Reading Dark Seduction together with Melody and Julia has been a pleasurable experience. We can't help liking the super sexy medieval hunk of a warrior, Malcolm of Dunroch AND I think Claire Camden is the perfect match for him.

Malcolm of Dunroch is a newly chosen Master, one of the Highland warriors sworn to protect Innocence through the ages. He performed a time leap into the modern New York, in search of a missing page from the Cladich. The Cladich is the book of healing. The missing page is hidden in one of the books to be found in Claire Camden's bookstore. He was not the only one looking for it because Sibylla (not a good person and you won't want to bump into her) has gone before him. What follows next is Claire leaping back in time with Malcolm to medieval Scotland in 1427.

Claire Camden at 5 feet 10, is very tall compared to the medieval women, and physically strong (for a normal human being). She's beautiful, smart and had a master's degree in medieval European history. Her outspokenness and independence did not go down well with Malcolm's male ego, but it was all those qualities combined with Malcolm's power that help them battle evil. As you approach the end of the story, you would soon discover Claire's background, unknown even to herself.

Expect lots of dialogues that sound like this: "I nay be the only man with eyes." OR "I ken ye dinna mean why did I bring ye back." OR "Twill clear yer fear. And yer wrong, lass." Want more, read the book!

This is my FIRST paranormal romance book (OK, ye may laugh now) and I must say, I like what Brenda Joyce has done here. I turned tomato during certain parts in the book because it's HOT. If you ask me whether I'd read the other books in the Masters of Time series, yes I would. The second book in the series, Dark Rival is coming in October 2007. You'd see me hold that in my hands...

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