Sunday, June 03, 2007

Book Fest 2007

Tue, May 29: I decided to go to Popular's Book Fest after work. The event is held at the KL Convention Center. I took a quick stroll by the KLCC Park, passed the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and like the woman with a mission, charged towards the Convention Centre.

"Joy In Reading" -- How true... I'm beginning to enjoy myself.

It was a long walk to the ticket counter.

After purchasing the RM2 ticket in the form of a catalogue, I reversed and headed straight to the exhibition hall. Kids were playing with their colourful balloons. This was the 'ticket'. The date of entry was stamped on it, so one can only use it for the day.

I was given a paper wristband. This gave me an all-day entry to the hall, but it's already 7.00 PM so...

I grabbed a red shopping basket and began my 'mission'.

The place was bright and VERY comfortable. There were various sections such as fiction, non-fiction, business, children, and Chinese.

I bought a few novels at 20% discount.

After shopping, I went back to the office. I looked out of the window at my office and took a snapshot of the Convention Centre where the Book Fest was held. Stood there for a while admiring the glittering night light. So beautiful.