Saturday, May 05, 2007

Times Warehouse Sale

I was thoroughly enjoying myself at the Times warehouse sale. I arrived early at the venue, immediately after my hearty breakfast at McDonald's. Not many people were there, yet. The place opens at 10 AM and I was there at about 11.15 AM. The air-conditioning wasn't working properly yet so it was quite stuffy, but that didn't bother me one bit.

The cashiers were right smack opposite the entrance. The orange-coloured shopping baskets were stacked on my right. I grabbed one for myself and started checking out the place.

The books were neatly stacked up and most of them were kept in boxes

There were only a few of us there but an hour later, more people were filling up the place

The recent business and non-fiction titles were not much of a bargain, so I skipped those. I was after fiction. My basket was slowly filling up (or should I say, filling up fast). I didn't manage to check out the whole place and I had only one hour to spare because hubby was waiting in the car.

My shopping basket. Each book costs about RM8 (apprx. USD2.30) Total damage: RM177 (USD50)