Monday, May 07, 2007

Now That We've Found You

From Marianne's website:
For three years, the memory of Sarah Kirkman's dead husband has kept other men at bay. Her heart only has room for her six-year-old daughter, Melinda. On a vacation to the Smithsonian, the Kirkmans run into Doctor Duncan MacPherson, a paleontologist who befriends her dinosaur-obsessed daughter. Sarah's attraction to Duncan is undeniable but pointless -- he must leave for his home in Scotland the very next morning. But Sarah has forgotten one important thing: Christmas really is for miracles.

My say:
You know, I made the mistake of reading this at my breakfast cafe. I can't withhold my emotion. Right there where I sat, tears welled up. I was only slightly more than halfway through the 17-page story. I shouldn't have read the story in the public. I made a quick exit for my office, detoured to the ladies and morphed into a broken pipe as I continued the story there.

Marianne created something that's beautiful and tender, something that connects with the heart almost immediately. I give this wonderful story a five-star!

Please check out other readers review here. Marianne is also the author of Tickle Fights and Barbecues and her soon-to-be-launched story Miles from You. They are all available from the Wild Rose Press.

PS: Coincidentally, at the cafe, I was given 3 pieces of serviettes instead of the usual 1. Lucky me because they came in handy to wipe away my tears as I try very hard to finish my cuppa while masking my feelings. Then in round two, the folks in the office asked me what's wrong because I look like I've just gone through something heart-wrenching. Actually, I was touched and those were tears of joy.