Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miles From You

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Marianne's Miles From You has been released today! She's running a special contest so do check it out at her blog. ** Please note that this contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada only -- if you are from outside these areas, you may still enter, but the only prize you can earn is the Wild Rose Press gift certificate. I'm joining and I hope to be a lucky winner of the WRP gift certificate!


From Marianne's website:
It's 1948, and thirty-four year-old diner owner Millie Townsend is well on the shelf. Millie's fallen hard for regular customer, Paul Whittier, a veteran of World War II and a civil engineer. When she discovers he's accepted a new job out of state and it's their last evening together, how can this ultra-shy spinster find the nerve to show she's interested in more than just friendship?

My say:
Miles From You is another sweet short story from Marianne Arkins. Friendship very often do blossom into something beautiful. I like the setting in the restaurant where Millie the owner and Paul the customer meets regularly. I think many shy people out there will be able to relate to this story. They would know how it is like to have fallen for someone, but do not have the courage to voice their feelings. And then, there is the feeling of missing that someone when they're not by your side. Boy, I know that feeling. This is a nice one from Marianne.

Please check out other readers review here. Marianne is also the author of Now That We've Found You and Tickle Fights and Barbecues. They are all available from the Wild Rose Press.