Saturday, May 26, 2007

Love, Rosie

I have thoroughly enjoyed Love, Rosie. The whole novel is an exchange of emails, instant messaging, greeting cards, and letters between Rosie and her childhood best friend Alex, and all the people that matter in her life: family, close friends, even 'evil' bosses.

Alex (Prince Moonbeam) and Rosie (Princess Buttercup) are best friends who grow up together in Ireland. Even though they were apart from each other due to cross-continental moves, marriages, parenthood, work, and family challenges, they stay close throughout. Romance is always under the surface, but timing and circumstances always seem to work against them. They stayed friends for close to 50 years before fate decided to work in their favour.

This is a wonderful story with witty dialogues throughout. I drew a few learning points from this novel too. I wouldn't say I love it, but I definitely like it. Having said that, I absolutely adore Cecelia Ahern's PS: I Love You. I cried buckets for that one.