Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Reading Thing-Book Review: Finding God...

Jody Dean, the author of Finding God in the Evening News is an Emmy award-winning journalist. Dean shares how he found God at work in some of the biggest news events of the past thirty years.

As I read this book, I realized how little I know about what happened in the past and reading Dean’s book sort of summarized a lot of significant and tragic events of the American history. Some of them are as follows:

  • The kidnap and murder of a young girl named Amber Hagerman in Jan 1999
  • The Wedgewood Baptist Church shootings on Sep 15, 1999
  • The tragedy of Delta Airlines flight 191 on Aug 2, 1985
  • Oklahoma city bombing on Apr 20, 1995
  • The 9/11 tragedy

Apart from the tragedies, he also shares with us his interactions with people like the former president Jimmy Carter, Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, a very low profile hamburger seller Rose and many more. One particular story that touches me deeply is the story of a 9-year old boy and he wanted his unmarried parents to be married before he dies. The doctors diagnosed that he wouldn’t survive past that week and the parents of the child fulfilled his dying wish. Everyone from the hospital, media to the public helped in preparing for that wedding. The boy died that week after the wedding. You will find this story in Chapter 20 A Child Shall Lead Them. Each chapter is a short story.

From all these sharing, Dean brings forth the message that God is there behind the headlines and that He is continuing to work in the hearts and lives of His people. Dean is a good storyteller. He also provided a little insight on how the media folks work whenever there is another piece of ‘breaking news’. While the journalists or reporters appear to be emotionless due to professional obligation, deep down they are like you and me. They are humans too.

Dean encourages us to look at the news differently for then, we may hear a call to prayer, or find out about a problem that demands our attention. He ends the book this way: Jesus sees deliverance. The news is a call to prayer, action—and hope. Behind it all is the cross.

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