Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Reading Thing-Book Review: Small Acts of Grace

Alice Gray’s Small Acts of Grace is a wonderful book. It is packed with heart-warming and encouraging stories of how small acts of grace can make a difference in the lives of those around us. In this easy-to-read (and requires intention to act on our part) book, there are stories on spreading hope, encouraging others, on being a wonderful neighbor, on friendship, on mothers, on godly older women, and many more.

Besides the stories, there are also thought-provoking questions which you can use for discussion or journaling; creative practical ideas to spread hope, love and encouragement; and plenty of quotes, Bible verses, and prayers to fulfill the call.

There are a few chapters in particular that stood out for me. Chapter 2 When Daisies Dance made me realize that many needs are long-term and on-going, and our offers of love and encouragement need to be long-term too. Many comforted only at the beginning and I realized that we need to follow through. We must remember to do what we say we would do. Sometimes, we do not know who needs comforting and it is good to know that we are not on our own in this effort because God will also give us the “nudge”. Therefore, we need to be sensitive to the gentle tug from God, then obey and take action.

Chapter 3 Day Brighteners is my favorite. It is about spreading sunshine and brightening up a person’s day through spoken words, caring touch and offering a helping hand. We are not to be discouraged when our acts of kindness did not seem to make any difference. We should continue to show love and compassion despite the outcome for this is following God’s heart. At the end of the chapter, as in every other chapter in the book, there is a wonderful story from other writers. In the case of Chapter 3, some home-made cookies – something so simple – made a huge difference in another’s life.

I will now make a conscious effort to ask myself this question: What can I do to make a DIFFERENCE today?

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