Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Reading Thing-Book Review: The Little Gold Book

Describe Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude in 3 letters: F U N.

Jeffrey Gitomer wrote a highly readable book, presenting information in a bite-size format. There are plenty of checklists and each one hits the jackpot. Nice use of colour, interesting graphics and cartoons, and yes, this is my favourite part: lots of quotes, by Gitomer and others.

This is an action-packed book meaning, you can’t just sit there and expect to gain positive attitude by reading a book. You have to take action. And this book makes you think (provided that you think) and then no prize for guessing, TAKE ACTION.

If you have trouble distilling information from all the self-help books you’ve read, this book would be a good idea to get the whole picture. If you were overwhelmed by information overload when you read multitude of materials previously, this book would be a good refresher. It provides you with a framework to work on and for further expansion. That’s what Jeffrey Gitomer said anyway, “Create your own personal library.”

I like the point made by him when he said work on our attitude a small amount each day. He gave an interesting illustration: “An apple a day. Not 7 apples on Sunday or 31 apples at the end of the month.” Good point. I can’t imagine stuffing a good 31 apples all at one go in one day, at the end of the month. But that’s precisely what most of us do – stuff everything at one go; want overnight achievement; bla bla.

I would like to highlight one particular point by Gitomer, which he also made mention throughout the book and that is READING. Reading is fundamental to attitude self-awareness. In GitBit, a freebie offered on his website, he provided an attitude library that lists 10 must-read books. These books have made a significant impact on his life. There are over 900 books in his library, but he pays special attention to these 10. I already owned a few of them and went shopping yesterday for the balance (online and physical bookstores at Kinokuniya and Times). He recommended AbeBooks.com, a website that sells out-of-print and used books, of which I found 2 titles I needed. Shopping at AbeBooks.com is a breeze.

Gitomer is a funny guy. As if knowing what we are or will be thinking, he urges us not to be a cheapskate by borrowing the recommended books from a library, but to BUY them. These books are for studying and re-reading, he says. I don’t have a problem with that, dude…

One can finish the Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude very quickly. However, I choose not to, but spent 3 days mulling over it. This one needs pondering, lots of doodling, planning and re-reading. In fact, one is supposed to read a particular section of the book daily for a year as a reminder of the things we need to do in our quest to achieve positive attitude. Happy reading! YES!

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