Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring Reading Thing-Book Review: Before You Leap

I don’t usually read this kind of book, but I decided to pick up Kermit’s masterpiece in motivation and I have not regretted doing so. This delightful book is all about ridiculous optimism. Yes, you heard me right -- ridiculous optimism.

Quoting Kermit: If this book can drive you – and those around you – crazy with ridiculous optimism, then it has done its job. Who knows, maybe by reading these lessons from my life, you’ll be inspired to drop your tail, leave your swamp, and set out on a journey that’s just as amazing and wonderful as mine.

Before You Leap carries two parts. Part 1 is about his life: life of having over 2,353 family members; how he grew up from a little tadpole, then attending school, and then getting his legs; his search for significance and fame; how he got into showbiz and thereafter forming his own team of superstar performers; and his exciting relationship with the amorous Miss Piggy. Part 1 is rather hilarious.

Part 2 gets on to the more serious stuff for its readers. It’s now lessons for your life and carries 14 croak-licious chapters. Serious though it may be, it still contains oodles of humor. Kermit interviewed his muppet gang on issues like money, strategies for work, strategies for school, exploring why bad things happen to everyone even to good frogs, and many more. There are lots of Kermit-tips too.

Are you ready for such an experience, an experience of ridiculous optimism? If you are, you must so read this book. Do it with an open mind and an open heart.

And if all of these are not enough, the photos of Kermit and gang will make your day. He is indeed a frog of many expressions. The pictures are simply marvelous and each one truly inspires me. He’s close to being a perfect model and so are his muppet buddies!

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