Monday, April 30, 2007

Progress of Spring Reading Thing

Hi all,

This is just a quick update on the progress of my participation in the Spring Reading Thing (SRT), my project of the moment. I began on March 28, and it is scheduled for completion on June 21. I must say it has been for me, an enjoyable and fruitful journey. Out of the 8 books listed for the SRT, I have completed 7. They're all read and reviewed in April 2007.

PENDING: Update: Completed on May 30,2007
A Whole New Mind will be the last book for this project.

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#1: Before You Leap
#2: 101 Ways to Find God's Purpose for Your Life
#3: Charlotte's Web
#4: Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude
#5: Small Acts of Grace
#6: Finding God in the Evening News
#7: How to Read a Book

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