Monday, April 16, 2007

Alice's Book Pile

... Inspired by Melody

Well, after reading Mel's blog on her TBR pile, I was so inspired that I told myself I must shoot my book pile too. I was trying to make mine look as disorganized as possible, but no matter how hard I try, I can't get it to look anywhere as stylish as hers. Mel STILL rules!!

So Mel, as promised, here's my book pile...

These sit on the upper deck of my blue covered bookshelf

While these sit on inside of the upper deck of the same shelf

These are housed in another bookshelf...

There are many more piles I didn't shoot because after a while, they all look alike. I have over 200 books and their numbers are still increasing. I'm still trying to enter every title into my mini library database. Hubby is always astonished on my book purchases. I must say, this book acquisition habit is like an addiction and I hope I don't go 'bankrupt' buying books... LOL.