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#52 Our Swedish Wedding Party

Gyllene Uttern (English translation: The Golden Otter) is a hotel and restaurant located south of Gränna next to Vätterleden, which is a section of the E4 motorway. Gyllene Uttern was featured in Ingmar Bergman's 1957 film Smultronstället (Wild Strawberries). It was an excellent choice by Mr Bear when he picked this wonderful place to celebrate our wedding in Sweden with his family and relatives!

It was fun meeting with Mr Bear's uncles and aunts, his cousins and their girlfriends! His sister is the spitting image of Pippy Långstrump, and Bear Mom and Bear Dad looked splendid. The weather's toppen (excellent, super). The food was very good, and best of all was the company!

Do check out Gyllene Uttern's Instagram for more awesome pics.

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