Friday, May 06, 2016

5-Bullet Friday

It's time for 5-Bullet Friday once again and this time I'm "reporting" from Penang, Malaysia. HAPPY WEEKEND!
Music I'm relaxing toParsley the Lion. I can listen to this all day long. So cute!
"I'm a very friendly lion called Parsley,
I am always very glad to see you wave.
But please don't shout or speak to me too harshly,
because I'm not particularly brave..."
Here's Parsley the Lion!
Best podcast episode I found this week — I'll be getting back on the podcast habit soon. 
What I’m watching — A series of British animation introduced to me by Simon P. The Clangers, The Herbs. "Herbidacious!" was the secret word you used to open the magic door to the garden of The Herbs. I also watched Trumpton.
Something saving me time — The Jetstar check-in kiosk at the Changi International Airport. Not having to queue up at the airport has freed up time for more lounging around in the transit area!
Quote that has influenced my mindset "Now, if there’s no countercurse, why am I showing you? Because you’ve got to know. You’ve got to appreciate what the worst is. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re facing it. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" —'Mad-Eye' Moody (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling)

Friday, April 29, 2016

5-Bullet Friday

It's time for 5-Bullet Friday once again and this time I'm "reporting" from Manila in the Philippines. HAPPY WEEKEND!
Music I'm relaxing toGame of Thrones Main Theme Acoustic (Boyce Avenue). I listened to this while having a drink at my hotel in Makati.
Best podcast episode I found this week — I'm on vacation! 
Having a drink at my hotel. On the right is the rum and coke welcome drink.
What I’m watching Fawlty Towers. Finished the last two episodes (11 and 12) in my hotel room with room service. I ordered buffalo wings and enjoyed them with my San Miguel beer. Written by Rob Hartill: Inept and manic English hotel owner and manager, Basil Fawlty, isn't cut out for his job. He's intolerant, rude and paranoid. All hell frequently breaks loose as Basil tries to run the hotel, constantly under verbal (and sometime physical) attack from his unhelpful wife Sybil, and hindered by the incompetent, but easy target, Manuel; their Spanish waiter.
Something saving me time — In this case it is someone saving me time. I have a driver who takes me to places and waits for me, so that's convenient. But this is only for one day as I familiarize myself with the place. Daniel the driver is the same person who picked me up from the airport and will also be the same person to send me there when I leave Manila. He's a jolly good guy!
Quote that has influenced my mindset "Challenge is not taking people so far out of their comfort zone that they are terrified. It can actually be just doing something you already know well, but doing it in a completely different way." —Mike Finch, Artistic Director and Joint-CEO, Circus Oz (quoted in The Innovation Formula by Dr Amantha Imber, p.8)

Monday, April 25, 2016

SERVICE DESIGN, by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie, and Ben Reason

I'm currently reading SERVICE DESIGN: From Insight to Implementation by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie, and Ben Reason (ISBN: 9781933820330). I borrowed this book from the public library in Singapore. The book piqued my interest because a big part of my job as a regional platform manager deals with process improvement and program management.

Although my role is not directly related to service design (but just like designing services that work for people), I look into designing, implementing, and measuring processes that will impact the client and my company's business in providing IFM (integrated facility management) services to the client.

The book provides good insights into the nature of service design by answering questions such as why do services need designing and how services differ from products. It also talks about uniting the experience and that means having the ability to develop quick, cheap prototypes early in the development to avoid sunk investments that may later turn out not to work.

I particularly like three sections in the book: the service ecology map (SEM), the service blueprint (SB), and the three important questions in the development of service proposition. I've jotted down notes in my notebook. This is a good and easy-to-read introduction to service design with plenty of examples!