Friday, August 26, 2016

Podcasts I Listen To

I recently started listening to podcasts and I'm trying to make it a regular daily practice. I'm targeting to listen to at least three shows per day covering a variety of subjects such as innovation, technology, languages, books, photography, project management to name a few. Five reasons why you should make listening to podcasts a priority.

This week I've listened to the following podcasts:
HBR Ideacast #539: The Connection Between Speed and Charisma (26 August 2016)
Bill von Hippel, professor at the University of Queensland, on how the ability to think and respond quickly makes someone seem more charismatic.

HBR Ideacast #538: How Work Changed Love
(19 August 2016)
Moira Weigel explains how the changing nature of work has reshaped the way we meet, date, and fall in love. She's the author of 'Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating" and is completing a Ph.D. at Yale University.

PMI: Influencers - Part 1: New Perspectives
(7 June 2016)

Listen in to the beginning of this series on "PM Influencers" to discover new thoughts on increasing your PM effectiveness, told to us by professionals who are influencing PMs around the world through their thought leadership on

BBC World Book Club: Tan Twan Eng - The Garden of Evening Mists (5 June 2016)
This month we're in The Book Lounge Bookshop in Cape Town, South Africa and talking to the  Malaysian novelist Tan Twan Eng about his Man Asian Literary Prize-winning novel, The Garden of Evening Mists.

The haunting tale, set in the jungles of Malaya during and after World War II, centres on Yun Ling, the sole survivor of a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp in which her sister perished.

Driven by the desire to honour her sister's memory through the creation of a lush and sensuous garden Yun Ling falls into a relationship with the enigmatic Japanese gardener Aritomo and begins a journey into her past, inextricably linked with the secrets of her troubled country's history.
World Book Club invites the globe's great authors to discuss their best known novel.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Language Hacking with Benny Lewis

I was very excited when I saw this...

And so...

I'm looking forward to participating in the language hacking starting next week with the gang! More coming soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

WOMEN OF BRUNEI, by C├ęcile Castilla & Nicola Lynskey

I couldn't resist buying this book, Women of Brunei, when I saw it at the Brunei International Airport waiting for a flight home to Singapore. It's time to go home after a week of being in the peaceful and quiet country. I liked Brunei!

I was very pleased to learn there's a 50% discount for this book, so I bought it for only BND15 (approximately US$11). What a great bargain for such a nice book!

I love the stories of these women. Inspiring! The above are just two stories I've shared from the book and there are 19 more amazing ones.

I tried searching for this book on Amazon with the hope of sharing the book link, but no such luck. You can, however, get it on, a Brunei online bookstore.

From the book flap: 'Women of Brunei, Inspiring life stories,' is a moving journey into the lives of twenty one Bruneian women who all have one thing in common: a strong determination to achieve their goals. This is the underlying message throughout this book.

Chapter by chapter, the reader enters the lives of each of these amazing women: a prominent deputy minister, a diplomat, a market stall owner, an ambitious banker, a young rugby captain, a Royal Brunei Airlines captain, a military officer, a renowned pediatrician, a passionate teacher ... regardless of ethnic or social origin, regardless of age or task accomplished, they have all worked incredibly hard to get to where they are today. They are all Bruneian and all so proud of the fact that they live in Negara Brunei Darussalam, this multi-cultural country.