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#72 TEFL Course Completed!

I completed my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) on Saturday. I started doing the course about a month ago and committed to cover a section every day, no matter how little I could do for the day. Bit by bit I chipped away at the sections and on 14 September 2019 I completed the course.

The course consists of the following eight modules:
Introduction to EFL Classroom Management Teaching Language Skills Teaching Materials and Aids Curriculum Planning Grammar More Language: Lexis, Functions, Phonology Testing I look forward to receiving my TEFL certificate. It'll be a wonderful and meaningful birthday pressie from Mr. Bear who gifted me with the course!

What's next? My learning journey continues. Many of you will know that I can't sit still, and I will always be looking for mini projects to embark on and new things to learn. I have signed up for:
The 'Secrets of Swedish Writing' course. It's a course for those who want to improve their written Swedish an…

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