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#92 Helsingör, Denmark

The previous post showcased my (lame) sketch of yummy red sausages but in this one I'd like to share some of my favorite pics during a super short 30 minutes visit to Helsingör in Denmark. Mr Bear and I literally hopped off the ferry and ran around the town while I gave my best shots poking my iPhone here and there hoping for the best.

You can spell this place in all sorts of ways: Helsingör in Swedish, Helsingør in Danish, and Elsinore in English. It's only a ferry ride away from Helsingborg in Sweden and all it takes is 20 minutes of awesome ride while enjoying a few Tuborg beers and shrimp sandwich, and of course, don't forget the yummy red sausages. Please order the tvä röda och en grön ("two reds and a green"). It's a classic, okay?

P/S: If you're wondering what on earth is the tvä röda och en grön ("two reds and a green"), we are referring to the sausages (which is red) and Tuborg beer (which is green); hence, the TROEG. There.

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